Imagine if
you could
open your
and everything
fit perfectly?

Is this you?

You're sick and tired of emotional or overeating or even yo yo dieting and can’t shift the excess weight, and instead wish you could easily change your bad eating habits to eating 3 small meals a day without having to use willpower and feeling hungry all the time?


Virtual Gastric Band

Natural Safe & Effective Weight Loss 

What if you could instead close your eyes and use
your mind power from the
comfort of your home and lose the weight easily and

This revolutionary program harnesses the power of your mind to make you think and act EXACTLY like a thin person. It’s called Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis, and can deliver surgical results without ever going under the knife. It tricks your subconscious into thinking you’ve had a Gastric Band fitted.

Since your mind believes your stomach is smaller, you automatically crave less food.

Not only that, but you also desire foods that are more satisfying and nutritionally dense.

No willpower required!

Virtual Gastric Band works by rewiring your brain to make positive decisions that create positive results and a feedback loop of weight-loss success.

The program was designed by Lai Tattis, a certified Personal Trainer, Master Practitioner Life Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and was created to utlise the power of hypnosis to help clients who were under-using their most powerful weight-loss weapon – the subconscious.

Over the course of the program you will begin to improve your thoughts, emotions and eating habits to create a lifestyle where you have a much better relationship with food, moving your body and over all general health and well being.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve lasting freedom from excess weight, without the risk of surgery or the expense. And the best part is that it is done from the comfort of your own home.

Course Curriculum

Hello I’m Lai.


The first thing you should know about me is that I’m not your average Life Coach. I’ve had two awesome children, gained a significant amount of weight during both pregnancies, and been through my own weight loss journey to get back to where I am.

I know how an extra 25 kilograms of unwanted weight can affect you - physically, mentally, and emotionally - and I also know what it takes to shed it, because I’ve been there.  

Being a fitness professional, fitness studio owner and Champion Figure Competitor, I have learned that there is no real secret to dieting or training. The only thing that makes a lasting difference is your mindset. 

That’s why I created the Virtual Gastric Band Program For Weight Loss. It’s my mission to inspire and ignite energy, passion, and purpose in you. Life is about learning, but it’s also about unlearning unresourceful programming - and with my help, you’ll install new beliefs, programs and patterns that allow you to become the best, healthiest version of yourself and create a fulfilling life you love.

If you could open your closet and know everything fits perfectly, how would that feel? 

Your subconscious mind has the power to take control and acheive your desired results, all you need to do right now is enroll and start planning your new wardrobe! 

$97 AUD